Sara Storer – live in-store, June 27th, 12:45pm *Thursday show*

The land, family and an innate and empathetic understanding of what it is to live in Australia are themes that run strongly through the songs on Sara Storer’s latest album, Raindance.

On Raindance, Sara resumed her working relationship with Matt Fell, who produced her last three albums. This time around she has brought new sonic elements to the record, which Matt completed at his LoveHZ Studios in Sydney, with drums and guitars engineered by Shane Nicholson at his Central Coast studio.

Sara continues to be one of the most assured and honest songwriters that this country has produced. She chronicles the weathered ground beneath our feet and the joy and tribulations of love and devotion. The best country music documents real life in vivid poetic terms and built on honesty and well-honed songwriting. Raindance does just that.

Sarah will be playing a special Thursday lunchtime show at Basement Discs to celebrate the launch of Raindance, accompanied by her brother Greg. And of course she will be signing copies post performance – please join us for what is sure to be a very special experience!