Kevin Bennett & The Flood – Live In-Store May 10th, 12:45pm!

The latest offering from Sydney based Kevin Bennett & The Flood, Blood Red Ties, deals with family, roots, country and the ties that bind. It speaks to, and is informed by, the Australian landscape and the people of this wide, brown land.

Blood Red Ties has a lot of good songs, a lot of very good playing, and does it all without fuss. It’s also a humanist statement, with Bennett posing questions about casual xenophobia, grasping what a connection to the land means beyond owning it for a couple of generations, and escaping abuse that goes beyond family to a wider, uglier society. And these themes sit alongside songs which address “easier” fare, such as parenthood, missed chances for love and day-to-day despair. Even when he’s judging, though, Bennett still puts his faith in the women and men around him, not a myth or a higher power.

Kevin and his band – Glen Hannah, Wayne ‘Killer’ Kellett and Mik McCartin – will be doing a special performance in the basement on Friday May 10th (and signing copies of Blood Red Ties) before another show the same night at the Caravan Club in East Bentleigh.