JEFF DUFF – Friday 22nd June at 12.45pm

Acclaimed Australian performer JEFF DUFF is taking his show ‘Jeff Duff Orchestra Performs the Music of Scott Walker’ to the people and we’ll be lucky enough to have him on our stage in June!

Jeff Duff is renowned as one of Australia’s most enduring and critically acclaimed singers with a string of his own original albums as well as the innovator of numerous creative projects including his highly successful Bowie shows. In a flamboyant and often controversial music career, Jeff has released twenty-seven albums. With his deep voice and camp-ish, outrageous behaviour, Duff proved a puzzle for mainstream Australia. A ‘waif with a wharfie’s voice’, Duff played with androgyny using leotards, stage makeup and a touch of the operatics at a time when uber-masculine pub-rock was the norm.

What’s perhaps lesser known about Jeff is his fascination and reverence for the legendary 60s vocalist Scott Walker – one of the most mythologized, mysterious figures in modern music.

In the mid 60s Scott Walkers’ majestic baritone voice, hailed as the most beautiful voice of his generation, and his brooding good looks sent teenage girls into raptures as The Walker Brothers’ concerts caused hysteria around the world…and the enigmatic Scott became a reluctant teenage heart-throb – a psychological burden that would eventually lead him into joining a monastery and becoming a recluse.

The combination of these two huge talents through Duff’s musical interpretations is sure to make for a phenomenal performance. We can’t wait!

For the in-store, JEFF DUFF will be joined on stage by GLENN RHODES, but if you want to see the full Jeff Duff Orchestra in action, head on down to Bird’s Basement on the 22nd and the 23rd of June. Grab your tickets here.