GRAPES – SHERRY RICH & ASH NAYLOR Friday 15th November @ 12.45

The Grapes 20th Anniversary Vinyl Album Celebration

The Grapes’ self-titled debut album is an indelible Australian pop classic of 1999. Sherry Rich and Ashley Naylor, two cult heroes from the country-pop and rock ‘n’ roll ends of Melbourne’s musical underground had a chance encounter with shared roots decades deep in the beat pop innocence of mid ’60s jangle and the timeless sob and sigh of the great country singer-songwriter tradition. A small but perfectly formed masterpiece was born.

In 2019 The Grapes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 1999 self titled album. For the first time their eponymous debut LP has been re-mastered and set to be released on vinyl thanks to the good people at Rubber Records. These limited edition grape-coloured goodies will be available for purchase at Basement Discs after the in-store appearance.