FENN WILSON Friday 22nd November @ 12.45

Evoking the timbre of Tom Waits with a Jeff Buckleyesque swagger Fenn Wilson releases his forthcoming album Ghost Heroin on November 14th.

Following the July release of his single Eye On You, the Bellarine born and Melbourne based Fenn Wilson delves into dark folk overtones with this next track. Fenn draws from his own rich life experience when crafting songs and has a knack for tapping into raw emotions which seem to bubble just below the surface. With his music informed by a rich lyrical and rhythmic command Fenn captivates audiences, holding them in the palm of his hand solely with the dynamism of his voice.

Fenn will be premiering the album on the 2019 Queenscliff stages, having received the 2018 Queenscliff Music Festival’s Emerging Artist of the Year award which partly funded the release.The track Eye On You, was warmly received by the music industry, lovers, and critics alike, with all ears now waiting for the new album to drop.
In late breaking news Fenn has been shortlisted for both the Upstart Award as well as the inaugural Lyrebird Gift.

‘Fenn Wilson. Remember the name if you’ve not already heard it.’

Marty Boulton,The Age