We present regular free live In-store Performances at lunchtimes featuring local & international artists. Some of the artists who have performed on our stage include Richard Thompson, Jimmy Webb, Ron Sexsmith, John Scofield, Michelle Shocked, John Hammond, Dave Alvin, Chris Smither, Stephen Cummings, Mick Thomas, Andy White…to name just a few!

These lunchtime concerts are truly very special, intimate & enjoyable…and we hope you’ll come along and join us when you can.


In-Store Performances



.It’s the 10th INDIE RECORD STORE DAY on Sat April 22nd….so it’s all go down here in The Basement!  We tried to put together a line-up that is eclectic & truly reflects the vast range of genres that we champion day in day out…..and to hopefully expose as many of you to a really good taste of how much talent we have here in this wonderful city.  We think it’s looking spectacularly good & of course we are particularly chuffed & humbled by BILLY BRAGG & JOE HENRY agreeing so readily to be a part of our very special day.  Both have done in-stores here separately over the years & quite naturally are huge supporters of all things independent (& record stores in particular) , so it was just so perfect & timely that they happen to be in Melbourne for their shows the weekend of RECORD STORE DAY!! We are so excited to have some of our favourite local artists who have graced our stage before, down here to celebrate the big day:  Fiona Ross, Charles Jenkins, The Teskey Brothers, Kylie Auldist, Yolanda Ingley II, The Thin White Ukes, Sarah Carroll and MCing by Brian Nankervis (Rockwiz), and 3RRR’s Ian Bland and Neil Rogers.

SEE YOU SATURDAY! Music Kicking off at 11am all day long!

ANDY WHITE – Friday April 28 @ 12.45pm

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ANDY WHITE – Friday 28th April @ 12.45pm

Andy White is a poet and a singer-songwriter from Ireland, living in Melbourne ever since Tim Finn invited him over to record as a member of super-trio ALT along with Liam O’Maonlai from Hothouse Flowers.

Andy has written and recorded with Tim (and Neil), Peter Gabriel, SInead O’Connor and others, while releasing a string of solo albums starting with ‘Rave On Andy White’ in 1986. The latest is his twelfth, ‘Imaginary Lovers’. Already released in Europe, Andy is launching the new album in Australia with a hometown concert in Bella Union, Trades Hall on April 26 at 7.30pm and an in-store performance at Basement Discs on April 28 at 12.45pm.

Imaginary Lovers is literally and thematically the follow up to previous album How Things Are. It’s about what happened next. It’s rough and live, less polished and more carefree than its predecessor, which was greeted on release in 2014 as a career highlight. There are many links between the two albums – they feature the same musicians and were recorded in Andy’s studio The Growlery – but its edgier attitude and alternately quieter and crazier moments suit Andy’s peripatetic adventures perfectly.

From the indie-rock invitation of opener Half Time For You And I, and the drop dead romance of Every Time I Look Around, to the casual intensity of Nonchalant, there’s an immediate, attractive and challenging quality to this album. Anywhere With You Babe and Lonely International Guy strip Andy’s sound back to his trademark individual take on playing acoustic guitar. And I Want You is a reminder he grew up in Belfast listening to both punk and The Beatles.

There are tumbling lyrics and pop hooks galore on this album. Needless to say, Imaginary Lovers is only the latest chapter in this Irish troubadour’s very individual odyssey. Come down to Bella Union for all of this and songs from Andy’s back catalogue. If you can’t make it, he’s playing here at Basement Discs on April 28th at 12.45pm and we’re pretty damn excited about it!

MICK THOMAS – Friday 5th May @ 12.45pm

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MICK THOMAS – Friday 5th May @ 12.45pm

Raconteur, troubadour, balladeer and poet, Mick Thomas is best known as the Blundstone-wearing song master of pub-rock icons Weddings Parties Anything. His band The Roving Commission features Squeezebox Wally on Piano Accordion and a rotating schedule of talented performers to keep the party alive with Micks unique mix of folk, roots and country.

Mick’s ever-evolving talents as a writer and performer defines a career as intriguing as it is enduring. His knockabout image partly explains his close relationship with his audience. They see him as one of them. A loyal mob who have followed him from the Weddo’s through his solo career, Mick’s fans relate to his wistful, sentimental and nostalgic lyrics. Themes such as Australian history (‘Dancing Man’, ‘Gallipoli Rosemary’); fleeting or lost love (‘For a Short Time’, ‘Disrepair’); the bittersweet realities of life’s merry-go-round (‘Away, Away’, ‘Ticket in Tatts’); alienation (‘The Lonely Goth’); and football (‘Tom Wills’, ‘Monday’s Experts’); are wrapped in a positive, triumph over adversity message. The characters in Mick’s songs are everyday battlers, as are he and his fans.

MICK THOMAS: These Are the Days  is the autobiographical tale of an inspired and uniquely Australian creative force. It all starts with the songs: how they got written, where and why they got written, and why they still get played. And it’s about the people – in the various line-ups of the various bands, the people in the studio, and in the audience at the countless shows. And it’s about when Weddings, Parties, Anything first called it a day back in 1998 and Mick quickly realizing there was no good night to go into. What we are thankfully left then is the simple recognition there are always songs that need to be written, shows that need to be played and stories that need to be told. Yes, it’s about the stories.We’re celebrating the release with a live in-store on Friday May 5 at 12.45pm with Mick and his gang. Don’t miss this one!