We present regular free live In-store Performances at lunchtimes featuring local & international artists. Some of the artists who have performed on our stage include Richard Thompson, Jimmy Webb, Ron Sexsmith, John Scofield, Michelle Shocked, John Hammond, Dave Alvin, Chris Smither, Stephen Cummings, Mick Thomas, Andy White…to name just a few!

These lunchtime concerts are truly very special, intimate & enjoyable…and we hope you’ll come along and join us when you can.


In-Store Performances

DELSINKI – Friday 27th of July at 12.45pm

Shape-shifting ”uncategorisable” post-colonialist DELSINKI releases the debut DELSINKI album, “And There Was Found, No Place For Them”, an amalgam of honest and compelling narratives about war, loss, ageing, tribalism, emotions, nature, the futility of urban life and the perils of conformity. Big themes, fully realised. Produced elegantly by Cameron McKenzie, the songs are by turn brittle and delicate, orchestral, then rollicking, then hard hitting, then reflective. The album covers the scope of DELSINKI’s extraordinary gamut of styles and collaborations, and each song is accompanied by a deluxe video. Grateful for small mercies, and being a bower bird par excellence, DELSINKI’s approach contains traces of (amongst others) Leonard Cohen, Tim Winton, John Brack, and bush poets and dreamers, all of whom litter this unique vision of contemporary Australian life.

We’re thrilled to have them in-store on the 27th of July promoting their new album, which will be available for purchase and signings after the performance!

SIMON IMREI – Friday the 13th of July at 12.45pm

In a modern world of disposable digital content and short-life singles/EP’s, Bayside blues/folk singer-songwriter Simon Imrei is paying homage to the days of cassette tapes and old vinyl 78’s with his new two-part, ‘two-sided’ album, ‘The Sum of Scenes’. The two-disc CD collection, both in concept and style, is a combination of two distinct approaches to many of life’s situations, pairing the upbeat, rhythmic and catchy positivity of Part 1 – The Light, with moody, acoustic and stripped back folk in Part 2 – The Shade. The result is the culmination of “scenes” from Simon’s life in the years since his 2012 debut album ‘Branching Inward’.

Drawing from an eclectic range of influences accumulated from his parents’ record collection — from Paul Simon, to Jimi Hendrix, to Buddy Rich — and a childhood spent living on the Mornington Peninsula, Simon gravitates towards great melodies and hooks, but also a recent attraction to storytelling and folk/alt-country music. “When I was preparing the album, it felt more and more like I was documenting two parts of my own personality. I just couldn’t figure out how to distill it down onto one album. Then, one day I was down at my parents’ place listening to ‘Harvest’ by Neil Young on their record player and as I turned the record over and ‘Old Man’ started playing I thought, “why not a two-part album?” The rest came together quickly after that.”

Simon will be performing in-store on the 13th of July —  we are thrilled to have him play down here in the basement and hope you’ll join us to welcome this new & very talented artist, plus a scaled down version of his band! His new album will be available for sale during and after the gig, and he’ll be doing signings of course!

MAMA KIN SPENDER – Friday 3rd of August at 12.45pm

MAMA KIN SPENDER – Friday 3rd of August at 12.45pm

Mama Kin Spender – the brand new collaboration between ARIA-nominated Danielle ‘Mama Kin” Caruana and multi-instrumentalist/producer Tommy Spender. Combining their collective talents into a joyous sound of brooding guitars, primal drums and howling harmonies. The desire to be part of a greater whole is the driving force behind Caruana’s latest project, Mama Kin Spender, releasing their debut LP, ‘Golden Magnetic’, earlier this year. Spender, who produced her last Mama Kin LP, 2012’s ‘The Magician’s Daughter’ is an old friend of Caruana; the pair deciding to collaborate when they felt that their own respective projects had stalled. Caruana, in particular, was yearning for something beyond the familiar cycle of writing, recording, touring. “I needed it all to be a little deeper, to have a little more juice to it. To have a whole other level of connection,” she says.

We are delighted to have them performing in-store for us on the 3rd of August, at the tail end of their US/Canada tour with John Butler Trio. They will be concluding their touring season in Kings Beach, Queensland for the Caloundra Music Festival on the 28th of September! Check their website for other gig dates & info.